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The Rainbow Brite Stamping Community

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All Members , Moderated

Hi! Welcome to color_kids, the Rainbow Brite stamping community! The characters you will find here are from the 80s cartoon called Rainbow Brite, about a little girl who brings color to the world! Her helpers are her horse Starlite, the sprites, and the color kids. With the help of our members and a quick survey, we will tell you which Rainbow Brite character you are the most like!


New Members:

1.) Please read the rules which follow. They are pretty standard to rating communities.

2.) You must be at least 13 years of age – not my rule! It’s for all of LJ really.

3.) You may vote before you are stamped.

4.) All applications must be under an lj-cut. See here if you are not sure what an lj-cut is or how to make one.

5.) Please be as detailed as you can in your answers.

6.) You do not have to post your picture to be rated, but it is highly recommended, and if you do not, you must post an accurate description of yourself.

7.) Place "Cheer up glumface!" as the subject, so I know you have read the rules. The lj-cut text can be whatever you like.

8.) You will be stamped after you have been voted on five times, or when I get around to it. This could be a while. Please be patient! I promise I haven't forgotten you. :3

9.) Once you are stamped, please feel free to use the image or create one of your own. Please host it on your own server (I use Photobucket), and link it back to color_kids.

Stamped Members:

1.) Be nice to each other! Rainbowland is a happy place.

2.) You may pick up to two characters. Please list at least one reason why if possible, and bold the name of the character(s). Use colours if you like! Be creative.

3.) Both guys and girls welcome!

4.) Only mods may stamp members.

5.) Please put the word "stamped" in the title line of all your entries following your introductory post. But only when you make new posts, not when you comment in them.

6.) You may promote here; all I ask is that the community be somewhat related to this one's interests - like a rating community or one that deals with 80s cartoons - and that you mention the word "promotion" somewhere in the title. Promoting us back is much appreciated!

Stamped Members List (Not up-to-date)


When promoting the community, if you wish, you may use this banner:



Avaliable Stamps: (click the heart for more info)

Rainbow Brite
Red Butler
Lala Orange
Canary Yellow
Patty O'Green
Buddy Blue
Shy Violet
Tickled Pink
Murky Dismal
The Princess

View the stamps

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