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Cheer up glumface!

1.) Name: Jamie
2.) Age (no one under 13 please): almost 25
3.) Location: jersey
4.) Gender: female
5.) Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? nope
6.) If you were an animal, which would you be, and why? (be honest!) I’d be a bird. I’d want to be a bird because they have freedom to fly wherever they want without anything holding them back. I’d love to be a bird and just be able to fly around and see the world.

7.) Hobbies: being in the mosh pit at concerts, music, traveling, reading, writing, outdoorsy stuff, I love hiking, I love the ocean, I want to be a writer, I want to be a photographer. I love skiing even though I sort of suck at it.
8.) Good things about you: I’m creative, I’m a good listening, I like to help people, I think I’m unique and I don’t really care what other people think, I do my own thing, I think I’m a fun person, I’m also spontaneous
9.) Not-so good things about you: I can be overemotional, I can also be very jealous, and I’m a total slob.
10.) Pet peeves: I hate mean people. I hate people who use other people, who mooch off of other people, backstabbers, and people who lie. I also hate jersey drivers even though I’m from jersey. I also can’t stand anyone who’s mean to animals because I love animals.

11.) Favorite place: Wildwood, New Jersey. I love the ocean, I love how free I feel at the shore. I love the smell of salt water, playing in the waves, and frolicking on the boardwalk, I just feel like I belong there. I also love the New England states: Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Mass, upstate NY (Ithaca area) I just feel really free where there’s a lot of nature and wilderness around. I love being outside. I love hiking. I love the massive amounts of snow. I love feeling like I’m in the middle of nowhere even though a big city is just a drive away.
12.) Favorite movies: Donnie Darko, Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, American Beauty, among others
13.) Favourite season: I don’t know. There are good things about every season. I love winter because I love the snow and I love skiing. I love spring because the flowers start to bloom. I love summer because I can go to the shore. And I love fall because I love watching the leaves change and I love Halloween.
14.) Favourite music: HIM (

15.) Sweet or salty: sweet
16.) Logic or dreams: dreams
17.) Love or sports: love
18.) Pessimist or optimist: the glass is ½ full
19.) Leader or follower: neither. I do my own thing. I don’t lead other people nor do I follow others. I’m just me.
20.) Neat and tidy, organized chaos or just insanity? organized chaos and just insanity, I can’t chose between the two. Organized chaos is good because it’s planned, but with just insanity you never know what might happen and it could be something great.

A quote/music lyric you really love and relate to: “the moon kissed the sun and now we hold her in our blood” from HIM’s Venus (in our blood) although I change the songs I’m into every other day it seems J

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