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Cheer up glumface!

1.) Name: Casey
2.) Age (no one under 13 please): 21
3.) Location: Arkansas
4.) Gender: Female
5.) Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? Nope
6.) If you were an animal, which would you be, and why? (be honest!) That's a hard one! Er...I guess a horse because I heard somewhere that people who love horses, which I do, long for freedom and that's what a horse represents.

7.) Hobbies: Reading, Movies, PS2, Horseback riding, Buying stuff on ebay, Cosplay,
8.) Good things about you: Honest, Loyal, easy-going, Open Minded, Creative
9.) Not-so good things about you: Sarcastic, Pessimistic, Stubborn, Lazy, Procrastinator
10.) Pet peeves: Um I hate the word "snack" haha that's not too serious of a one, though. I don't like it when people talk and giggle loudly in a movie theatre, and people who are on my rear when I'm driving.

11.) Favorite place: I like my bedroom?
12.) Favorite movies: I love movies! Um The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, Spirited Away, Star Wars, Rainbow Brite movie, Resident Evil, Harry Potter...the list goes on forever
13.) Favourite season: Fall!
14.) Favourite music: Probably soft rock. I like a lot of different types, though.

15.) Sweet or salty: Sweet...especially chocolate :3
16.) Logic or dreams: Dreams, but I also like for people to be realistic.
17.) Love or sports: I guess. Sports bore least love is amusing XD
18.) Pessimist or optimist: Pessimist for sure
19.) Leader or follower: Neither. I don't like to make the decisions, but I also don't like to be told what to do...makes it kinda difficult.
20.) Neat and tidy, organized chaos or just insanity? I like things neat and tidy, but I'm pretty lazy so I won't go crazy if my place is a bit on the messy side.

A quote/music lyric you really love and relate to: "You put your girl up on a pedestal, and you wait for her to fall."

Please promote us in one community (or your personal journal), and let us know where: I'm going to promote in my personal journal once I've posted this. Yay!

Have any pictures of yourself to share? Please do! So long as they give us a clear view what you look like. Cosplay is fine. It is definately better if you post a picture, but if you absolutely can't, please give us a detailed description of what you look like:

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