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Cheer up glumface!

1.) Name: Mylene
2.) Age (no one under 13 please): 24
3.) Location: Eastern Canada
4.) Gender: Female
5.) Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? Nope :)
6.) If you were an animal, which would you be, and why? (be honest!) I'd be too many animals for too many reasons.. I really can't choose just one~

7.) Hobbies: Laughing, talking to / being with friends, photography, listening to / creating music, singing, dancing, discovering new worlds, learning about mythology / psychology / occult / paranormal / esoterism / ancient times, driving, massages, metaphysics, watching television / movies, reading romance and suspense novels, sexuality, voice acting, bicycling in summer, walking in nature and taking it all in (and letting it move me, touch me, talk to me, etc), building fires, collecting photographs of loved ones, snacking, playing guitar / singing, reminiscing, etc
8.) Good things about you: I'm determined, loving, funny, friendly, spiritual, driven, enthusiastic, passionate, easily touched and amused, appreciative, giving, intelligent, honest, nurturing, supportive, motivating, helpful, open-minded, curious
9.) Not-so good things about you: I'm sometimes too emotional, overly sensitive, impatient, obsessive, paranoid, worrisome, insecure, nostalgic, stubborn, opinionated, sometimes suffer from anxiety and stomach problems, and my body is influenced by the weather (cold, wet, humid, etc)
10.) Pet peeves: Misunderstandings on vegetarians, cold and rainy weather, cruelty towards animals and nature, liars, hypocrites, narrow-mindedness, unfair judgements, pressure, broken promises, crowds, violence, competitiveness, snobs, blood, horror, popular trends (fashion, music, etc), my allergies to cats, being neglected, being shrugged off, being falsely accused of anorexia

11.) Favorite place: My bedroom / house, anywhere warm and sunny, anywhere in nature without crowds, anywhere with my boyfriend, in the car (alone or with a friend / my bf) driving pointlessly and for fun
12.) Favorite movies: Ever After, Dragonfly, Somewhere In Time, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Disney movies, Finding Nemo, Rush Hour, Home Alone, Karate Kid, Enemy Of The State, Men Of Honor, The Chipmunks Adventure, The Secret Of NIMH, Neverending Story, Legally Blonde, Cage Aux Folles, Les Visiteurs, Rat Race, Kate & Leopold, etc
13.) Favourite season: Summer is my #1, but also Autumn for the colors and crisp scent of burning wood, and Spring for the flowers and warmth returning
14.) Favourite music: Anything, in many languages. I have very eclectic tastes.

15.) Sweet or salty: Both equally!
16.) Logic or dreams: Dreams, but I'm also quite logical...
17.) Love or sports: Love
18.) Pessimist or optimist: Optimist
19.) Leader or follower: Leader, with moments of following
20.) Neat and tidy, organized chaos or just insanity? Neat and Tidy :)

A quote/music lyric you really love and relate to: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Please promote us in one community (or your personal journal), and let us know where: It'll be on my user info, when I'm stamped! :)

Have any pictures of yourself to share? Please do! So long as they give us a clear view what you look like. Cosplay is fine. It is definately better if you post a picture, but if you absolutely can't, please give us a detailed description of what you look like:

LONGER hair (2 months ago):

SHORTER hair (now):

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