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Cheer Up Glumface!

1.) Name: Ashley
2.) Age (no one under 13 please): 21
3.) Location: Kentucky
4.) Gender: Female
5.) Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? yes.
6.) If you were an animal, which would you be, and why? (be honest!) I would be a Frog! I like hopping around everywhere and green is my favorite color.
7.) Hobbies: Music! I love listening to it and playing my violin, I love taking pictures, writing poetry, bowling, watching my fav shows, and playing with my 6 pets!
8.) Good things about you: I'm very easy to get along with, I love giving advice, and i'm very funny.
9.) Not-so good things about you: I have a tendency to be immature, sarcastic, and moody.
10.) Pet peeves: discripination, dishonesty, and people who get pets only to mistreat them later.
11.) Favorite place: Ireland.
12.) Favorite movies: 40 yr old virgin, crash, closer, and the harry potter movies.
13.) Favorite season: spring.
14.) Favorite music: Alternative.

15.) Sweet or salty: Salty.
16.) Logic or dreams: Dreams.
17.) Love or sports: Love.
18.) Pessimist or optimist: Optimist.
19.) Leader or follower: Leader.
20.) Neat and tidy, organized chaos or just insanity? Neat and tidy with a pinch of organized chaos!

A quote/music lyric you really love and relate to: "For what it's worth; It was worth all the while." I have it tattooed on the back of my neck in the shape of a heart

Please promote us in one community (or your personal journal), and let us know where:

Have any pictures of yourself to share? Please do! So long as they give us a clear view what you look like. Cosplay is fine. It is definitely better if you post a picture, but if you absolutely can't, please give us a detailed description of what you look like: See my icon :)

*And if I get to vote first I would like to be Patty O' Green or Twink! I'm irish so Patty is awesome to me, but I also love twink! I love him so much he's tattooed on my shoulder! *

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