January 3rd, 2006

coraline made of awesome

Mod update!

Thanks to all of you guys for being so patient for your stamps! I'm becoming a bit lazy when it comes to updating this community, but I DO get around to it eventually. I haven't forgotten you!

I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and that you will have an amazingly spectacular new year! Sorry to spam you with pictures, but I HAVE to share the beautiful images animatedamy made me for christmas! I think you will appreciate them. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And now, a-stamping I will go! :)
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coraline made of awesome

Mod update with new rule!

I have been stamping people with only two votes (one of them being mine). This is stopping now. Having just two votes really just isn't enough to be accurate! Starting now:

You must have at least five votes in order to be stamped.

I know that it will take a bit longer to be stamped, but I will definately be more active in the voting now! I hope you guys will be too! C'mon! Help our your fellow Colour Kids! :)

Newly Stamped Members:
asweetmemory ~ Lala Orange
lipsofpoison ~ Shy Violet
spoonsrus ~ Stormy
lilmissmoe ~ Starlite
sour_mash ~ Krys
____ultrasex ~ Stormy
mysticsong ~ Indigo

Please vote on:
Diana (nobody can agree on who she is! Can you help?)
Kristen (needs 3 votes!)
Michelle (needs 3 votes!)
Alexandria (needs 1 vote!)
Kat (needs 2 votes!)
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